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Employers vastly underestimate the impact of workers leaving an organization on staff left behind with a different workplace dynamic, leading to even more turnover.

Employee retention

This is a powerful statement from a recent study done at University of British Columbia Sauder School of Business.

It can be uncomfortable enough during the voluntary or involuntary exit of an employee, so to hear that it can affect the behaviours of remaining employees is unnerving for business leaders!

So why does this happen?

For starters, its a natural human behaviour. Particularly, if a top performing employee voluntarily leaves, employees may conclude there are better opportunities out there and begin looking around themselves.

If there is a layoff, where the exit is involuntary, employees may lose confidence in their job security and start looking around as well. In this case, a solid communication strategy, with remaining employees, can help alleviate any rash decision-making.

Complacency during team culture changes can threaten your existing culture.

Always check in with your team, especially during change.

Do your employees:

  • Have the resources they need to do their job?

  • Feel like they have opportunities to gain experience?

  • Feel valued?

  • Feel like they fit with the company culture and mission?

  • Believe they are compensated for the work they do?

A robust benefits program is a game changer when it comes to retaining staff and ensuring they feel valued.

Connect with us today to learn about how small adjustments to your plan can add up in a big way to increase overall employee satisfaction.

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