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Mental health in the workplace is one of the top concerns on employers' minds. Since the pandemic began, HR leaders and business owners have been exploring new strategies to create a happier, healthier workforce. Many companies have made it their mission to make mental health a top priority, engraining it deep in their culture. As examples, companies have: *

  • Pooled all online mental-health resources into one easy-to-access portal.

  • Rolled out monthly videos/webinars or podcasts on mental health. Even having employees volunteer to share their own struggles and what resources have worked for them.

  • Extended the eligibility for their Employee Assistance Program.

  • Removed the mental-health benefits spend maximum.

  • Implemented mental-health training sessions for leaders.

Air Canada is even opening 5 gyms on the company property. Although this example far exceeds what most companies can do, it shows the investment that larger companies are putting into mental well-being and overall health. Looking at the other examples above, you can see that a few small changes, combined with keeping mental health in the forefront of your company culture, can go a long way.

*Source: Benefits Canada


Bullying and harassment at work

"While it is not a hot topic that creates flashy headlines, it is without doubt an insidious, daily occurrence in many work environments that demands immediate attention."


83% of global employers have an employee well-being strategy

"Companies are building resilient workforces by increasing their commitment to employee well-being both in support and financial investment."

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